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10 Things You Can Do Today To Get a More Toned Belly After Pregnancy

Want to flatten your belly after you have a baby?
Do you have a diastasis recti (DR) or need ideas for what is safe to do to get stronger and close the gap? 
Lots of changes happen when a baby grows inside you. 
FitMama created this powerful document to help you learn more effective ways to improve the strength, tone and function in the very foundation of your body - your core!

In This Report, You'll Learn:

  • Real tools that you can start implementing immediately
  • Cut through the frustration and just do things that work
  • What moves you may be doing that are damaging to the core
  • Suggestions for mind-body habits that make immediate changes to both your inside and outside

Start creating the body you deserve to have. Stronger. Leaner. Toned.

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