Fitmama Workshop Coming to Windsor

Fitmama Workshop Coming to Windsor

Fitmama Workshop Coming to Windsor

This weekend! Only 5 spots left!

This event will open your eyes to a deeper understanding of your core muscles.

To strengthen your core, it is essential you retrain your pelvic floor after pregnancy and childbirth.

Learn breathing techniques and new cues to re-connect to your body at a deeper level to strengthen the roots of your body, inside and out.

We will talk exercise, and do light movements, but there will not be an intense exercise component to the class.

Come meet local experts in nutrition, yoga, lactation, fitness, mindfulness, massage, chiropractic and more!

I cannot wait to meet many of the FitMamas from the Private Facebook FitMama Community.

Get your questions answered.

See you Saturday.
Call me at 519.567.9469 or email to confirm or to reserve your spot if you don’t hear from me,

Love, FitMama


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