21 Days to Love Your Body​
What is 21 Days to Love Your Body?

This 21 Day Guidebook allows you to take a peek inside your life and identify some areas that hold you back. Following along on the audios is like having Jen right beside you, walking you through the program.

Each day comes with a thought provoking email, a segment to read in the book, an activity to fill out, all with the intention of creating awareness for you. Once we illuminate things in our lives that may not be serving us, we can choose to change them. 

There are recipes in the book and a sample meal plan to guide you back to the way your body wants to eat. You will be doing plenty of listening to your body and creating awareness around how your body feels. 

Self talk is a focus, identifying the way we speak to ourselves and think throughout the day largely determines how positive or negative we feel. 

A word from Jen...
This is the starting point for all FitMama coaching clients. Our comprehensive Mind-Body Program is available as a eBook and audios for just $57 and will set you on the path to getting a deeper understanding of the motivations behind your behaviours.
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